(83 kB)

Connection Diagram: Display with Impulse Input

An energy meter or datalogger with impulse output (S0-Interface) delivers all relevant information. Cost effective and universal: Display and Impulse Generator form a complete unit for visualization. kWh-ammounts are stored inside the display.

(70 kB)

Connection Diagram: Interface to SunnyBoy Control (SMA)

The display can be connected via interface RS-232 or RS-485 to the SunnyBoy Control. For this purpose COM2 or COM3 is used at the SBC. Standard-Data like the current power output, daily energy and totally produced energy are transmitted 1:1 to the big display. In addition a CO2-equivalent can be shown.

(75 kB)

Connection Diagram: Interface to Sunny WebBox (SMA)

The display can be connected to the WebBox by means of an Ethernet-Adaptor. In the most simple configuration a cross cable is sufficient for a direct connection. We deliver a preconfigured LAN/RS-485-Adaptor as accessory. Please order separately from Your favourite dealer.

(90 kB)

Connection Diagram: Interface to SolarLog (Solare Datensysteme)

Using the SolarLog 500 the display is connected directly into the RS-485 inverter bus. Using the SolarLog 1000 the free interface (2nd RS-485) can be used. As an alternative the impulse output of the SolarLog is available, also. Please be sure to have the appropriate parameter "SE" resp. "IP" selected at the display.

(87 kB)

Connection Diagram: Interface to MaxWeb (SolarMax)

The datalogger MaxWeb collects all relevant data from the inverters and gives the total results back into the RS-485 databus. The display is connected like an inverter into the bus and can even be supplied with 15 V DC from the bus system. Standard supply is a separate 230 V AC line cable (for LED-displays this is obligatory).