For complex connection situations that cannot be managed with a classic display alone (or together with an Ethernet adapter).

E.g. evaluation of 12 x Sunny Tripower and summation, recording of mixed inverter types (e.g. partial Fronius and Huawei system) and formation of the total data. Or the evaluation of the E-Meter 2.0 from SMA via multicast.

The desired results are transmitted to the large display via RS-485.

Technische Daten Interface-Box
Housing (W x H x D) 150 x 125 x 71 mm (polycarbonate, graphite grey)
Signal input LAN (RJ45 socket) with multi-purpose client
Signal output RS-485 interface for large display
Protocols Modbus TCP (client), multicast, SNTP, DHCP
Data backup EEPROM, Watchdog
Operation Joystick-Push-Button
Display TFT-Display 2.4"
Hardware Cortex-M3, 100 MHz